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E-Liquid Manufacturing Advice During Lockdown

Friday 13th November 2020

Effects On E Liquid Businesses During Lockdown

Throughout the year vape businesses have had to deal with a number of hurdles regarding the pandemic, which forced many of our loved vape stores and lounges to close. This post highlights some of the reasons this happened, as well as giving some advice to e-liquid brands, or to those who were considering making their own e-liquid brand, should we all face a similar year in 2021.

How Has It Affected The E Liquid Industry?

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How Has It Affected Vapers / Smokers?

It’s no surprise that the ongoing pandemic has changed buyer behaviour and businesses have seen both positive and negative outcomes, but here are some key areas that have influenced vape customers:

- People had more spare time and were online shopping more
- Furlough provided some of the population with more disposable funds
- Smokers were more concerned about their reduced immune system
- The menthol ban occurred increasing menthol e-liquid sales by 69%
- People used their spare time to make positive lifestyle changes

Effects Of COVID On UK vape/eliquid brands

Most vape stores will have noticed a slight difference in the sales volumes, and this will help shape their strategies in the months to come, however there's still a lot of uncertainty, and not all brands can forecast how they will evolve in 2021.
Has It Made A Difference To The E Liquid Market?
While many vaping brands suffered from the changes to their regular operations, this is clearly with reference to offline business, whereas online things we're able to flourish. Vape Sales UK data from their overall revenue shows that the sale of hardware (such as tanks and coils) slowed down, whereas there was an increase in the number of shortfills, nic shots, and the various DIY juices.

We think this is because of the fact more people are likely to visit us in-store when looking for a vape kit to gain expert knowledge, whereas juices require much less research prior to purchasing. Also, naturally, for more smokers making the switch, it's normal to buy a few juices to test, while only buying the one starter kit.

Effects On Physical Stores VS Online E-Liquid Brands
Many stores had to lay off their staff due to the reduced footfall and to save on overheads in the midst of all the uncertainty. This, on top of the online surge and the rise in those deciding to quit smoking has made this a profitable business for those who reacted at the right time.

Here at Mood E-Liquid for example, being a completely online vape brand, we managed to stay nicely afloat throughout this period, profiting more than we would on a normal year because:

- Online e-liquid businesses usually have fewer staff members
- No costs for running the store e.g. lighting, electricity, security
- Less insurance costs
- Can react faster to social shifts and

But this hasn’t been without the help of our other profitable initiatives...

What other options do eliquid businesses have?

One thing that we pride ourselves on is our ability to keep costs low and convenient, which worked very well for us in times of uncertainty, seeing as the majority of vape customers would have to change their buyer journey due to lockdown restrictions and not to mention the financial side of things.
Wholesale E Liquid Providers
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Whitelabel E-Liquid Manufacturing
For those looking to create their own vape brand, you’ll be glad to hear that we’re Whitelabel e-liquid providers - this means that we get a lot of repeat sales through the manufacturing of e-liquid for other brands due to the fact we have all the necessary equipment and existing partnerships to allow us to make this move. For someone trying to make their own eliquid brand, this service is perfect as an off the shelf solution, making it so much more convenient for those wanting their dream E-liquid brand to become a reality
Creative E Liquid Marketing Ideas
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Is It The Right Time To Start An E-Liquid brand? YES!

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