Starter Kits & Pod Systems

Best Kits For New Vapers

So you’re ready to give up the stinkies but are perhaps sceptical, will this work, can I really quit? Perhaps you’re not keen to spend loads of money at first.

We’ve seen countless people buy ‘cheap’ starter kits and guess what, they don’t quite hit the spot. Poor vapour production and battery life, leakages and so on. We have picked what we believe to be the best mouth to lung* starter kits that will do the job without breaking the bank.

Starter Kits/Pod Systems are the latest generation of vaping kits that allow the user to either buy pre-filled e-liquid pods or refill their own. Spare replacements are often available and some you can change coils in and reuse. Other pods are designed to be refilled a few times then disposed of as the coil wears out.

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