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Customer care and honesty is very important to us, we want our customers to know that we strive to bring them some of the biggest savings, making the switch to vaping as affordable as possible. On top of that, all our products are TPD compliant, following the guidelines set by the national regulatory act, and are manufactured in the UK in an ISO cleanroom, ensuring only the safest methods of e-juice production.

For years now we’ve been working hard at growing our vape juice business, since producing our first ever bottle of Mood e-liquid, to become one of the west midlands most popular e-liquid distributors. We create and distribute a proud range of intense flavours that you’ll find in Mood E-liquid, developed in our state-of-the-art eliquid lab!

Affordable Vape Juice

Find some of the lowest prices for some of the best flavoured shortfills in the UK market. Purchase one of our vape juice Mystery Boxes to receive Mood, along with other top eliquids in a discounted bundle!

Top Shortfill Flavours

Flavours created by the flavour advocates - we tried and tested a combination of e-liquid flavours, to create ejuices that we know you'll love!

Quality E-Liquids UK

You can trust that our e-liquids are made with customer safety at the forefront. While we strive to bring some unique flavours to you, we'd never settle for a production line that poses any risk to customers.



Mood E-liquid is the result of a true vaping advocate who realised there was some free space on their local shop shelves for some more interesting, intense shortfill flavours.

With the intention to develop the ultimate flavour came a lot of pressure to please the tastebuds of every member of our team.

The journey to the perfect juice left our heads spinning. It took thick clouds of emotion floating around the R&D centre to realise theres more value in creating an entire range of the tastiest eliquids that will deliver your flavour-fix whatever your mood!

We set out to introduce a fresh cloud of flavour on the scene, developing the ultimate range of mouthwatering e-liquids at affordable prices. We’re now suppliers of some of the nation's biggest flavours of vape juice, plus a wide range of vape hardware - from some of the biggest brands!

Designed to lift the Mood of your tastebuds to another level. Browse our tasty range of quality e-liquid concentrates, shortfills, premix concentrates, DIY and base products such as 1 litre of pg.


Our range of quality e-liquids are made with safety at heart. As advocates of quitting smoking, it only makes sense to replace combustable cigarettes with something less harmful. While the NHS have now claimed that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking, theres still the risk that new vapers purchasing their first ever vape juices will buy products that are not TPD compliant. You'll be glad to know that after hearing how delicious our flavours are, that all our eliquids AND the juices we sell for other brands are totally safe!


What makes Mood Different?

We produce top UK shortfills

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Whats On The Menu?

We developed some unique flavoured shortfills for you to try, even just a whiff of a Mood cloud will get your tastebuds tingling with curiosity. From energy drink to strawberry lemonade and menthols!

Cheeky - Orange & Mango

Chilled - Lemon/Lime & Menthol

Cool - Mango & Raspberry

Envy - Strawberry Lemonade

Fear - Blackcurrant Lemonade

Guilty - Mixed Fruits & Menthol

Hyper - Green Energy Drink

Rage - Citrus Fruits & Menthol

Tense - Raspberry & Pear


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