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But before you move forward, are you a beginner? We have some eliquid FAQ’s and a vape juice jargon buster at the bottom of the page - you will find it useful to ensure you understand the different kinds of e-liquids and the benefits of choosing a particular type.

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What E-Liquid Should I Use?

There’s a massive range of affordable vaping options available in our E-Liquid department, but for a beginner, choosing your first e-liquid is not always an educated decision. So check out some standard terms with picking your first vape juice, before learning how it affects things like flavour and cloud performance.

If you find anything that sounds too advanced, don’t panic, we made an E-Liquid Glossary at the bottom of the page to help you understand the vape juice terminology!

What E-Liquid strength is best?

We get that a lot, and is an excellent question to start with, albeit a little vague - we’ll explain why. So the best strength vape juice largely depends on two main factors:

· Your current level of nicotine consumption. How addicted to nicotine are you?
· What device you plan on using

The amount of vapour your device throws out will play a significant role in the amount of nicotine you consume.

What are mg/ml and percentage E-Liquid strength?

Reading the strength of your juice is a starting point, but if you don't know what the metrics mean or how to convert between the strengths of ejuice, then it's still a guessing game. Just like in medicine, in vaping MG/ML stands for milligrams per millilitres, AKA the mass per volume. Which means for every millilitre of 3mg/ml vape juice in your tank, there's 3mg of nicotine.

Sometimes you'll find that some ejuice manufacturers measure their juice strength in percentages (%). The simplest way to explain this is to take the total bottle volume (mg) and find out the percentage value. This means for a tank filled with 1.8% vape juice, you have 18mg/ml vape juice, with the remaining 98.2% of juice in your tank being a combination of VG and PG.

Nicotine Strength Chart

Vapour ProductionDeviceJuice TypeSocial - 1 pack / day1 - 2 packets / day2+ packets / day
Low vapour production (small clouds)- Tight airflow
- Pod systems
- MTL devices
Freebase9 - 12mg/ml12 - 15mg/ml15 - 18mg/ml
Nic Salts30 - 40mg/ml40 - 50mg/ml5- - 60mg/ml
Medium vapour production (average sized clouds)- Pods with sub coils
- Airier MTL tanks
- Sub with restricted draw
Freebase6 - 7mg/ml7 - 8mg/ml8 - 9mg/ml
Nic Salts20 - 23mg/ml23 - 27mg/ml27 - 30mg/ml
High vapour production (big clouds)- Strong sub-ohm tanks
- Rebuildable atomizers
- Large airflow
Freebase1.5 - 3mg/ml3 - 4.5mg/ml4.5 - 6mg/ml
Nic Salts0 - 3mg/ml3 - 6mg/ml6 - 10mg/ml

E-Liquid Glossary:

Vape Juice Explained

With so many vaping terms to learn, understanding what goes into choosing the right vape juice can be hard - even with a starter kit, it's not a straightforward decision. So we thought our E-liquid hub wouldn't be complete without a jargon buster, and some helpful resources to help you on your quest for the perfect cloud.

There are 3 main ingredients in your juice. Nicotine is the obvious one and the main reason we’ve all arrived at this page. On top of that, you have VG & PG (Vegetable Glycerine & Propylene Glycol), which come in a few different ratios, but we’ll go back to this at the end. See how to compare VG vs PG in the nicotine strength chart.

VG (vegetable glycerin)
Heavier, thicker clouds
Thicker juice (can get gunky for frequently)
Less flavour
Less throat hit
Fast wick absorption
Colder in mouth

PG (propylene glycol)
Lighter vapour, thinner clouds
Less gunk (clean device less frequently)
More intense taste
Harsher on throat
Slow wick absorption
Warmer vapour

Nic shots are how you turn a shortfill into a real nicotine-based e-liquid. Make sure you understand the different levels of nicotine strengths (3 / 6 / 12 / 18 mg) and only mix enough that you can handle – too much in one hit will have you coughing clouds, while ongoing overuse will be risking an increased nicotine dependence.

Take note; however, products like Vape Sales UK nic shots will also come in a couple of different forms, like 100% VG and High VG so you can create a sweeter flavour – or add nic salts instead if you’re looking for a hit that’s similar to tobacco.

Shortfill is the response to the regulations set regarding selling nicotine-based products such as cigarettes and e-liquids. We’re only allowed to sell flavoured nicotine in a 10ml bottle now, so if you want a larger bottle of nicotine-based e-liquid, you need to buy a juice (shortfill), which are always a little short from being filled to the top, leaving space to add and customise your level of nicotine by adding nic shots.

Nic salts, achieved with the addition of Benzoic Acid are a great way to get a nicotine hit that’s faster and stronger, without compromising much flavour. The acid content is already natural to our bodies; therefore, it can enter the bloodstream much faster. They’re often popular with Pod systems as they add extra convenience for those who are trying to cut out smoking – while offering a nicotine rush that’s closer to that of a cigarette.

Freebase (regular juice) on the other hand takes longer to work it’s way around your system, meaning you’re getting a weaker, slow release of nicotine (which ex-smokers don’t always find satisfying enough).

Salts and standard E-Juices can be bought in most vape stores, as they do have different characteristics when it comes to the cloud and vapour production. When comparing the hit from nic salt to standard – it’s said that a throat hit of 12mg/ml Nic Salt vape juice feels similar to that of 3mg/ml standard juice (freebase).

Eliquid: Frequently Asked Questions

There are a few ways that you can make vaping experience similar to the sensation of smoking a stinky, but it’s a broad topic, and you must first understand your device and the effects it will have on your vapour. Device modifications are more suited to intermediate/advanced vapers, so this is usually a question for quitters that are experimenting with their first starter kit, or smokers who are considering the smoke-free transition.

People define the experience of smoking differently from one another, so bear in mind that a vape juice that works for your friend may not work for you, and it’s not likely you’ll be set with the first e-liquid you choose. Your friend might prefer a tobacco flavoured vape juice with a harsh throat hit from the higher amount of PG, whereas you may prefer something smoother on your throat that you can inhale DTL.

Nicotine salts is another option to try if you can’t seem to find the right balance. Nic salts are proven to closer mimic the nicotine rush from a cigarette, using higher nicotine levels, but without the harsh throat hit.

See in our graph below how nic salts peak massively just after the first puff then gradually decreasing, almost like the combustion cigarettes. In contrast, the freebase vape juice is a much smaller peak and is slower releasing.

So on the one hand, nic salt is very similar to the rush you get from a cigarette – whereas we always highlight that the stimulant isn’t everything. Things like the sensation of the draw, the flavour, or the temperature can all affect whether you find your equivalent or not – but as we’ve established, there’s not a simple answer to that question, the person that will know for sure, is yourself after testing a few options.

  • Benzoic Acid allows faster nicotine absorption
  • The more instant nicotine rush
  • Closer to smoking with MTL 
  • Suitable with higher strengths without the bad taste
  • Suited more for users with high addiction levels
  • Suits a lower power device
  • Uses less juice to get a hit
  • Delivers higher concentration of nicotine faster

While many vaping experts will tell you that cloud chasing is only for the advanced setups or with Max VG vape juice, it is still possible with a starter kit. The VG content is the place to look; first, you need a high VG base or Max VG without much nicotine in it; usually, new vapers will go for a 50/50 as some say it mimics smoking in terms of the cloud and throat hit. But as we mentioned before, there’s more than one factor that changes your clouds – and a 50/50 might be too intense on a cloud chasing atomizer. For something less severe, try a 70/30 VG/PG, as this is more likely to provide less of a throat hit, but with a thicker juice and thicker vape clouds.

Ensure you don’t have too much nicotine in your sub tank, a 0.6% is usually a maximum for sub-ohming because of how much excess vapour you’re ingesting – and therefore the more significant amount of nicotine per inhale. Anything higher than that is likely to give you a harsh throat hit with the amount of nicotine building up there.

  • Bigger clouds 
  • Cheaper per ml
  • More advanced flavour experimentation
  • Suited to those who don’t need high nicotine levels
  • Suitable for both MTL and DTL

In terms of VG/PG look for a 70/30 for cloud chasing or an 80/20 – as we mentioned above, higher VG means thickers clouds. Max VG is possible with a sub-ohm tank, but we only recommend with lower power so that your coils can keep up. Don’t overdo it with the nicotine strength too, 6mg/ml is high enough for sub ohm vaping.

With that in mind, remember that with nic salts you’d usually get higher strength nicotine too but without the harsh throat hit, which is why it’s so great for beginners. With sub-ohming nic salts, you run the risk of getting nic-sick, if you’re not sensible with your level of nicotine intake. Bigger clouds mean more nicotine, so it’s best to stick to something low strength like a 0.3% (3mg/ml) nic salt shot added to your shortfill.

If you’re a beginner, you probably don’t enjoy having to replace coils, and you probably get through a lot more if you don’t totally understand your device. Having a higher PG will ensure less gunk buildup on your coil, while also giving a sweeter taste.

MTL – as this is usually the method that is most similar to smoking, you don’t really want anything with a VG level that’s higher than 60. This is because you want enough PG to provide a decent level of flavour, and also provide a little hit to give your throat and taste buds the approval as you inhale.

DTL – often this method is used for more advanced vapers who use a sub-ohm device. Therefore the higher VG ratio means larger clouds and a smoother hit than if you were to try and MTL the same vapour. VG of 70 or 80 is ideal.

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