Thinking Of Creating Your Own E-Liquid Brand?

A Guide To Whitelabel Vape Juice & Wholesale Shortfills

Thursday 10th December 2020

Are you looking to make your own e-liquid flavours? Think you’ve got the next big idea for the e-liquid industry? If you’re struggling to find where to start developing your own e-liquid brand, you’ve come to the right place!

As e-liquid wholesalers AND Whitelabel e-liquid providers, we like to think we’re qualified experts in the industry, and without further ado, welcome to our guide on manufacturing your own e-liquid brand!

E-Liquid Industry Research
It’s no secret, the first port of call is research - hence why we’ve found you here! There's no point going into this blinded by a bright idea, it takes some strategy and some time to get to know your competition and develop gaps in the e-liquid market. There's a wide range of research you need to conduct before creating your own e-liquid brand, for example:

• Deciding on which e-liquid flavours to sell
• The brand packaging that your e-liquid is sold in
• How you plan to manufacture and distribute your own e-liquid
• Where you’re planning on selling and promoting your e-liquid

And the list goes on, so let's take it step by step!

The UK E Liquid Market 2020-21
Before kicking off your journey into the world of selling your own e-liquid brand it's best to understand the way that the e-liquid market is changing so you’re ready for 2021. This year the UK experienced two main shifts in the tobacco/e liquid industry, the first being the menthol ban, and the second was the effects of the pandemic on vape stores and lounges!

Here are some key insights to take away:

• In the 12 weeks since the menthol cigarette ban, the popularity of vaping has grown by 12.6% and sales of menthol products are up 44.6% (Source: Better Retailing). This could mean ensuring you cater to those trying to transition from menthol cigarettes to a vape.

• Nic salts are finally taking off despite being developed a while back (and are great for those trying to quit smoking), so ensure you provide the option to have salts, or offer free shots with your shortfills as we do!

• Pods are becoming more popular, and come with nic salts too! However the flavours are generic, so stay clear of developing a juice that has been made a thousand times before!

• The pandemic saw a great deal of e-liquid stores and vape lounges close, from a total of 4003 to a forecasted 2707 (Source: The Grocer), which means your online presence should be ready to go with eCommerce functions, great UX, and an SEO strategy.

• While these insights aren’t extensive, they are just a few of the current examples. To discover even more e-liquid market gaps to build upon, conduct some research into the following areas that affect the industry: political forces, economical, social, technological, environmental and legal. Taking a full analysis of the industry and how it's evolving will not only help you with your product range, but with your overall brand personality and marketing strategies.

What Wholesale E Liquids To Manufacture In 2021
After contacting a range of industry influencers, vape bloggers, and e-liquid reviewers, we’ve learned that the overall preference for desserts and beverages has increased, as many of them request that they get sent these e-liquid flavours over fruity and menthol.

With the wide range of flavours that have been developed over the years, it makes a world of difference focusing on a set of flavours that complement each other that are logical for your brand - in other words, try and develop a niche range rather than trying to make every possible flavour.

Take Herberts Sherbet Range for example, a brand that focuses solely on fizzy sherbet flavours for those with a sweet tooth, or Juzt Desserts that have catered strictly to those with a preference for pudding flavours!

Other trends to take note of, is firstly the market for mint and menthol flavour combinations, for example, the addition of mint adds a cloud of freshness to a range of flavours, some ideas could be:

• Mint choc-chip ice cream
• The taste of After Eights
• Juicy mojito
• Mint custard
• Kendal Mint Cake

Secondly, there is becoming more interest in 80/20 blends, and Max VG is also becoming more popular as a higher number cloud chasers are finding their perfect cloud. So maybe focusing on a range dedicated to the more advanced vapers is the right move for your brand - or alternatively, ensuring your flavours come in as blends possible!

Wholesale E Liquid Compliance & Materials
Choosing only the best materials is recommended to ensure you’re providing the best quality to your customers and only the safest e-liquid products for consumption. This means more than choosing a pretty label, but ensuring the quality is strong and the colours of the packaging are at a premium quality.

For the contents of the juice, you’ll need to ensure you’re using good quality VG/PG and follow all the industry standards. Here at Mood, all our Whitelabel e liquids are exempt from the TPD compliance requirement as they are all shortfills, and are therefore not containing any nicotine! Which means less hurdles to clear when getting your brand on the shelves, however, if you choose to manufacture 10ml e liquids with nicotine, you’ll be required to have the relevant e-liquid compliance certificates.

E-Liquid Branding
Taking your e-liquid to market is one of the final stages to implement before selling your brand but should be a consideration from the start. As we’ve said previously, the overall flavours offered by the brand and the personality will have an effect on who is interested in your juice, so ensure you’ve developed your brand colours, fonts and logo with your target audience in mind!
E-Liquid Promotion & Marketing
When creating your own e-liquid, you should consider your promotional options and marketing strategy before trying to make sales, this could involve reaching out to potential stockists and local vape stores, while reviewing the profitability of the partnerships. This means checking the footfall of the stores that stock your juice, and the competition to be found on their shelves.

Promoting your juice may also come with some limitations, for example, it's not legal to anyone who is not yet a nicotine user - however we’re fortunate in the UK to have our health service advocate ecigs as an aid to quitting smoking, as we’re now allowed to target our e liquids to directly to smokers if we so please.

Ambient media is totally fine, so you can promote within a bus stop or on a billboard, but other than that your best bet is to sell online, especially now so many physical vape stores have closed in the last year.

But even online comes with some limitations, with the majority of publishers unwilling to promote nicotine products, as well as using paid ad services such as Google or Facebook.

However, with some smart planning, you could prepare a strong SEO strategy, and get your juices uploaded to a range of discount sites to spread the name. Launch with a range of influencers reviewing your e liquids online.

Finally, don’t forget about industry-related platforms like tradeshows, exhibitions and vape magazines.

Find a Whitelabel E-Liquid Manufacturer
Choosing the Whitelabel e-liquid route allows you to focus on the two elements most important to selling your own e-liquid - the branding and the selling. With white labeling you don’t even have to consider the manufacturing process or compliance, all that would be covered by a Whitelabel provider who has their own lab for testing and a wide range of product knowledge - like ourselves here at Mood.

On top of that, you’d receive a huge amount of advice on branding and promotion, plus access to some of our key contacts in the field such as potential stockists and vape marketing experts.

Find a Wholesale E Liquid Provider
Choosing to make your stock available for wholesale will open up another avenue for increasing your brand awareness and boosting the level of units sold (but sold at a lower price). For example, we create a range of wholesale shortfills, which works out at a cost of only £1.20 per 50ml bottle for the company buying in bulk, working out very affordable for them, and very profitable for our team.

We tend to sell a large portion of our e liquids as wholesale and many that we manufacture and distribute ourselves are the product of a successful and highly recommended e-liquid white-labeling service.

If this sounds like something you’re looking for, and more importantly, something you’re ready for - then don’t hesitate to contact us for more information, including flavour menus, case studies, advice and some samples!

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